Bank Transfer Donations

It is easy to donate money to OpenSSH using direct bank transfers using the following information:

From Inside Europe (but outside Germany):

IBAN: DE91 7007 0024 0338 1779 00
Name: Theo de Raadt
Address: Deutsche Bank, Marienplatz 21
80331 München, Germany
Inside Germany, instead use:

Name: Theo de Raadt
Bank: Deutsche Bank München
BLZ: 70070024
Konto: 338177900

From outside Europe:

Account: 7007 0024 0338 1779 00
Name: Theo de Raadt
Address: Deutsche Bank, Marienplatz 21
80331 München, Germany

If the transfer process has a comment field, give the name you want to see listed on our Donations page and perhaps mail Theo a gentle reminder to notice it. Please note that these transfers are strictly donations -- the project does not like transactions which appear to be in exchange for advertising via links.

These various bank transfer systems can have various transaction fees. In general with the new IBAN system there should be no or minimal costs when the transfer is made between two banks which are in the European Community. If there is such an option, you should select 'share both costs' as that will put you into the 'EUR 0.00 charge' catagory. Sometimes if you select 'charge all costs to sender' (or receiver), they do charge outrageous costs. This is plain wrong as all transactions should be charged at the same cost as a national transfer, as per 01-06-2003. You should complain if they do this.

Choose to use the IBAN system over the SWIFT system, as SWIFT is more expensive. As well, note that Greek banks are notorious for charging costs at the expense of customers... For example, Eurobank charges EUR 5 for outgoing transfers and EUR 3 for incoming ones...

If you have any questions, please read the information at: reg-2001-2560/reg-2001-2560-article3_en.pdf and MEMO/03/140.

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