OpenSSH has no wealthy sponsors, nor a business model. In fact, no Commercial Unix or Linux vendor has ever given our project a cent. Naturally, the OpenSSH project requires funds to operate -- particularly so that our team members can meet in person once in a while (at OpenBSD hackathons) to design new ideas.

Donations are handled via OpenBSD, since OpenBSD is the environment and community where OpenSSH is developed.

There are five main ways to fund the project with financial donations:

While donations (as gifts) are not generally tax deductible as charitable contribution, they may be deductible as an operating expense (or check the OpenBSD Foundation above for an even better way), and if someone is so inclined, they should ask for the advice of their accountant. In some countries corporations can make deductible donations under the terms of "Good Will". Those who need very strict contribution receipts could consider contributing to OpenBSD Foundation instead.

The people and organizations who have contributed money, equipment, or services to OpenSSH are not kept separate, but are combined with the list of people who have donated to all OpenBSD projects. That list can be found at the main OpenBSD donation page.

Emails about the contents of the donations list:

Since there are several methods of contributing to the OpenBSD project there are different maintainers of postings to the list for each method. For funds or equipment sent directly to one of the developers then that person will update the list and you are presumably in contact already. Email addresses for other maintainers at openbsd.org are as follows:

Note that email sent to www@ (mentioned below) will appear on a public forum.

OpenSSH www@openbsd.org
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