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SSH protocol versions on the Internet.

SSH implementations on the Internet.

SSH usage profiling

This machine is involved in a project to profile the versions of Secure Shell (SSH) servers in use on the Internet. This project is very similar to the Netcraft Web Server Survey. We are collecting and collating random samples of hosts on the Internet providing SSH service. We then connect to each one to determine the server and protocol version from the connection dialogue. The results will be used to publish data on the usage of the SSH protocol on the Internet at large. We intend to publish our results both on the web and at a forthcoming Usenix conference.

We will not do more than a cursory look at the connection string of your machine. The scanner will not attempt to log in to your machine. No repeated connections will be made to your machine as the scanner generates only unique random addresses on the Internet.

No address or domain specific information will be supplied to anyone outside the project itself, only the conclusions. We will not publish any details of what hosts are running what versions.

Statistics from our current scan results can be found here. The scans were conducted with the scanssh software.

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